couple elopement in paris at sunrise with the louvre in the background

What is an Elopement? Paris Elopement Inspiration

Gone are the days of stuffy, boring wedding days filled with people you hardly know and designed to please everyone else but you. Don’t like the sound of a “formal” wedding? Well, an elopement might just be the thing for modern couples who would rather have a wedding experience all about them.

Once thought of as a secretive, don’t-have-mum-and-dad’s-permission type of affair, the definition of “elopement” has changed in recent years to reflect a much more intimate and personal way for non-traditional couples to commit to a lifetime together. Less about table plans and cake cutting, more about the couple, their love and whatever they want to do. Paris elopement inspiration incoming!

“I’d marry you anytime and anywhere”…

From Paris, with love.

One of the biggest benefits of eloping is that you can choose to hold your ceremony pretty much anywhere you want to. Want to say your vows on a white-sand beach? No problem. Fancy hiking to the top of a mountain? You do you. The actual “legal” marriage part is done separately, leaving you to design your perfect wedding ceremony.

A few months ago I travelled to one of the most recognised romantic cities in the world to capture some elopement inspiration for all the couples who, for any number of reasons, may not want a big wedding. Because where better than the city of love?

(I’d love to photograph a real elopement, so anyone thinking of saying their vows in front of the Eiffel Tower – or anywhere else for that matter – get in touch with me here!)

From all points of view.

Just because you want to feature one of the world’s most famous (and photographed) landmarks in your wedding pictures, doesn’t mean they’ll look the same as everyone else’s. On our afternoon stroll around Paris we found several spots to photograph our couple with this iconic backdrop.

Early-bird catches the worm!

The Eiffel Tower isn’t all that Paris has to offer, though. I really loved our sunrise couple portrait session at the Louvre. The time of day really matters for this one however, because as soon as it gets close to the museum’s opening time the entire place becomes flooded with people. We arrived whilst it was still dark – yes this meant a 6am wake-up call, but my goodness was it worth it!

C’est La Vie!

It turns out that it had rained overnight and into the morning on the day that we’d planned our sunrise shoot at the Louvre. Just like on a wedding day, there’s unfortunately little we can do about the weather situation. So we ran with it! Luckily the rain was starting to slow down as we arrived and had stopped completely by the time it was a bit lighter. I actually loved the look of the wet pavements and the way this enhanced the couple’s reflection on the floor. The bottom of the dress got a little wet, but who cares?! It’s all part of the story of the day. Even if the weather isn’t ideal, it’s still possible to get some great portraits together.

Paris Elopement Inspiration – Shoot Credits:

Planning and concept @myprettiestworkshops & @nataliehamiltonphotography

Styling @myprettiesuk

Florist @the_petal_studio

Dress designer (white dress) @stephanie_moran_couture

Accessories @thebobbypinuk

Models @twisian / @julianaleedavis & @reubenwoodall