brides smile whilst their wedding guests throw confetti as they walk back up the aisle of garden wedding ceremony

Acorn Barn Wedding of All Weathers

August weddings in the UK typically conjure up images of sun-soaked celebrations and warm summer breezes. However, for Frankie and Nicola’s special day at the Acorn Barn wedding venue in Oxfordshire, Mother Nature had a different plan. Torrential rain greeted us from dawn till dusk, threatening to dampen spirits. But as fate would have it, just moments before Frankie’s arrival and right before the outdoor ceremony, the clouds parted, and a radiant sun emerged. It was a miraculous turn of events that set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. (Not to mention the hilarity in the difference between their arrival photos!)

A Serendipitous Break in the Weather

So the weather may not have cooperated throughout the day, but it certainly knew how to make a grand entrance. The unexpected sunshine provided a brief respite, and this allowed Frankie and Nicola to exchange vows outside amidst the beauty of nature. We seized the opportunity to capture group and couple portraits outdoors, creating timeless memories against a backdrop of clear skies and lush greenery – as if that had been the case all day. It was a fleeting moment of magic that added an extra layer of enchantment to their day. By the time everyone was heading inside the barn to be seated for dinner, the rain was just beginning to rear its head again. Talk about good timing!

A Stylish Celebration at this Acorn Barn Wedding

Acorn Barn is a dry-hire wedding venue, making it an ideal choice for DIY weddings. With complete freedom and flexibility over this versatile space, Frankie & Nicola were able to tailor-make the wedding of their dreams. They adorned the barn with fairy lighting, wild florals and paper lanterns, and chose long dining tables to seat their guests. They created their own bar menu, and even added hay bales for some extra casual seating! The barn and surrounding gardens exclusively theirs for the day.

Colour-Coded Bridal Parties

One of the most charming aspects of Frankie and Nicola’s wedding was the freedom they gave their bridal parties to express their individual styles. With just a simple colour prompt from each bride – blue for Nicola’s crew and green for Frankie’s – each member selected an outfit that perfectly suited their own personal tastes. I’ve seen this a few times before, and it’s probably my favourite wedding trend of all. Because it’s one that speaks volumes about the couple’s inclusive spirit and appreciation for individuality, and is a trend that I wholeheartedly hope to see more of in future weddings.

Feasting with Friends and Family

Despite the weather’s unpredictability, one thing remained constant—the couple’s love for good food. Frankie and Nicola treated their guests to a feast of sharing-style BBQ delights, courtesy of Lamb Catering. From mouth-watering meats to sumptuous sides, every dish was a testament to their impeccable taste and commitment to creating a memorable culinary experience. It was a celebration of love, laughter, and the joy of sharing delicious food with cherished loved ones.

A Final Surprise

As the day turned into night, there was one final surprise in store for Nicola. Little did she know, her now-wife had been secretly working on something special—a heartfelt rendition of their first dance song, performed by none other than Frankie herself. The look of shock and sheer delight on Nicola’s face as she realised mid-dance that it was her wife’s voice they were slow-dancing to was priceless, etching itself into the collective memory of all who witnessed it. One of my favourite shots from the day!

Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

If you’re planning your own special day and want every moment to be captured with the same passion and creativity, look no further. As a dedicated and experienced wedding photographer, I’m here to ensure that your love story is immortalised in breath-taking images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. So contact me today to discuss your wedding photography needs. Let’s embark on this unforgettable journey together!