Santorini Post-Wedding Sunset Shoot

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to photograph Laura & Ryan’s destination wedding on one of the most beautiful and popular Greek islands. I’ve already shared their wedding which you can find on my blog here, but I just couldn’t leave out the photos we took during their Santorini post-wedding sunset shoot!

Laura & Ryan were from Norfolk and with me being based in Kent, we thought it would be best to do their pre-wedding shoot once we had met out in Santorini. However with busy schedules and lots to do in the days before the wedding, they asked if we could do it after the big day instead. 

So the pre-wedding shoot turned into a post-wedding shoot, and we had so much fun quad-biking around the island on our journey to Oîa. We had a short stop in Imerovigli on the way, where we found so many cliff-side rooftops with fantastic sea views.

Famous for it’s white and blue architecture, but also it’s incredible sunset. Oîa did not disappoint! The amount of people that had flocked to this small town was astonishing though – we couldn’t get anywhere near to the best spots, the narrow cobbled streets were completely packed! Nevertheless we were able to get some fantastic images, whilst all enjoying the most beautiful sunset views I’m sure any of us had ever seen. Here are just some of my favourites – I can’t wait for my next wedding on this beautiful island!

*Top tip for anyone visiting Oîa – try to go first thing in the morning, when the town is much quieter (and cooler!). Whilst the sunset is fantastic, the narrow paths are absolutely packed so you’ll find it super difficult to get anywhere near the best spots.