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lead source tracking spreadsheet for wedding photographers

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Lead Source Tracking worksheet


Not sure where to focus your marketing efforts? See what lead channels are working for you by tracking your enquiry sources!

My Top Business Tools

Over the years of building my photography business to where I am now, it's safe to say I've tried my fair share of business, marketing and productivity tools.

Here are the ones that I have stuck with and truly couldn't live without now. Just click on each tab for more information - full disclosure, each one has an affiliate link or code, so if you sign up through me not only do you get a nice discount but I'll get a little bonus too - win-win!

Do you have a favourite business tool that I've not featured here? I'm a fan of anything that can save time and enable me to be more productive in my business, so let me know!

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Kent wedding photographer Shelby Ellis behind the scenes on a styled shoot

Favourite Items

This easily adjustable slide-lite strap from Peak Design is secure and versatile.

Great for sparklers or night-time portraits where you might not want to use flash.

Great for editing on the go, this tiny SSD has 1TB storage and a fingerprint scanner to keep your files secure!

I get asked about this one whenever I'm shooting with other photographers. So handy, and featured in the pic!