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Are you stuck in a rut with your photography business? Just dying to quit that 9-to-5 job and take your passion full-time?
I was in exactly your position not all that long ago. I wish there had been someone telling me  exactly what specific things would help me get to where I am now – a full-time wedding and portrait photographer, hired by couples to photograph their most special memories in the UK and abroad!
In this guide I give you my top 5 ‘things I wish I’d known sooner’ that, if I could go back in time, I would action much earlier in my business.

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lead source tracking spreadsheet for wedding photographers

Lead Tracking

Not sure where to focus your marketing efforts? See what lead channels are working for you by tracking your enquiry sources!

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My Top Business Tools

Over the years of building my photography business to where I am now, it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share of business, marketing and productivity tools. 

Here are the ones that I have stuck with and truly couldn’t live without now. Just click on each tab for more information – full disclosure, each one has an affiliate link or code, so if you sign up through me not only do you get a nice discount but I’ll get a little bonus too – win-win!

Do you have a favourite business tool that I’ve not featured here? I’m a fan of anything that can save time and enable me to be more productive in my business, so let me know!

Studio Ninja

A Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically for photographers and videographers.

Studio Ninja keeps all your client contact information, enquiry and booking details, invoices contracts and payments all in one place. Set up automatic reminders for things like enquiry follow-ups and payment chasers, to free up your admin time.

Use my unique code to get 20% off your plan: AVOH6U130402MJ


I use Pic-Time as my gallery service provider for all of my client galleries.

There are lots of features that I love about Pic-Time, but my favourite has to be their sales automations. They allow you to make money from print product sales without having to lift a finger!

Use my unique code to get one month free: ETDWD9


Do you dislike culling as much as I do? Aftershoot is an AI culling and editing software that helps you quickly and easily cull your images. For example, it’ll automatically choose the best of each group shot with everyone’s eyes open – no more spending hours scanning everyone’s faces!

The editing really is second to none as well. I previously used ImagenAI, but found Aftershoot far more accurate (not to mention a whole lot cheaper!) Try it at a discounted rate here:

Adobe Creative Cloud

For all your editing needs! I have the 20GB Photography Plan which is a Lightroom and Photoshop bundle.

This is usually just under £120 per year through Adobe, but top tip – buy the plan on Amazon (link below) on either Prime Day or Black Friday and it’s usually as low as £70! This isn’t just for new customers either – I buy my plan this way every year and just redeem the code against my account.

Siteground Hosting

The one thing on this list of tools that you absolutely NEED is website hosting. You wouldn’t be able to access my website if I didn’t have a hosting provider. Therefore in order for you to have a website that your customers can find, you need one too.

I’ve used a few different companies since the first version of my website and I’ve found Siteground to have the best service and user-friendly system. Sign-up via my link to get a huge 85% discount!


Last but not least, arguably the best free (yes, FREE!) tool out there for any business. Useful for pretty much anything design related – from brochures to socials posts and so much more.

I actually created my logo on Canva, as well as my enquiry and welcome brochures and my freebie PDF guide above. Join using my link below to receive a credit for a premium design element!

peak design camera strap in dark grey

Camera Strap

This easily adjustable slide-lite strap from Peak Design is secure and versatile.

Samsung Portable SSD 1TB

Samsung Portable SSD

Great for editing on the go, this tiny SSD has 1TB storage and a fingerprint scanner to keep your files secure!

led panel light for photographers

LED Panel Light

Great for sparklers or night-time portraits where you might not want to use flash. 

peak design field punch in dark grey

Peak Design Field Pouch

I get asked about this one whenever I’m shooting with other photographers. So handy, and featured in the pic!