bride and groom pose outside the old marylebone town hall wedding in london

Intimate Micro Wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Love in the heart of London. I had the privilege of capturing this special day, where two souls from opposite sides of the Atlantic united in a celebration of love that defied distance. A beautifully intimate micro wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall for Brooke and Michael.

Long-distance love

Brooke, hailing from the United States, and Michael, a local from the UK, showcased the strength of their long-distance relationship as they exchanged vows. They wed in The Knightsbridge Room of The Old Marylebone Town Hall. The venue’s iconic stone frontage and entrance steps became a central stage for confetti, group photos and couple portraits, capturing the joy and excitement of the day. 

Micro-weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for couples seeking an intimate and meaningful celebration. In Brooke and Michael’s case, the decision to host a micro-wedding allowed them to focus on the most important aspect of their day – the love they share. With a smaller guest list, the ceremony was an incredibly personal affair, surrounded only by those closest to their hearts.

Why choose to have a micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings offer couples the opportunity to prioritise connection over extravagance, ensuring every important moment is shared intimately with loved ones. The simplicity and sincerity of these celebrations allow couples to savor each precious moment without the distractions of a larger event.

Another great thing about micro-weddings is that they often allow for much more flexibility once the legal ceremony is over. You could choose to throw a party if you still want that. Or, you could opt for a simple dinner instead. Michael and Brooke chose to have their own private dinner after the ceremony, before meeting their guests later on for celebratory drinks. A wonderful idea! One that ensures you have time alone as a couple to take it all in. Something you don’t always get with larger weddings!

Micro-wedding photography packages

For Brooke and Michael, their micro wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall not only showcased their enduring love but also highlighted the beauty of an intimate celebration. As a wedding photographer, it was an honor to witness and capture a love that knows no distance. Proving that sometimes, the most remarkable weddings come in the smallest packages.

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