confetti toss with bride and groom at Caswell House in Oxford

How to get the Best Confetti Shots on Your Wedding Day

Confetti is a great way to add some extra fun and colour to your wedding day photos. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day! Here are some tips for getting the best confetti shots:

1. Buy enough! 

You’ll want at least one handful per guest, more if you’re planning on throwing it around. And when you think you’ve got enough – get some more. In my opinion, you can never have too much confetti!

As a photographer there’s nothing worse than organising all the guests into one long confetti-throwing tunnel, only to look back at the photos and see hardly any confetti in the air because there wasn’t enough to go around. 

2. Choose the right type of confetti

Whilst it might be tradition (albeit a bit of an old and rarely used tradition) please, please, PLEASE don’t choose rice! It looks absolutely dreadful in photos, not to mention it kind of hurts when its being thrown at you by the handful! Instead go for some colourful dried flower petals or biodegradable paper. 

3. Bigger is most definitely better

Sure, you can opt for handfuls of pretty petals and get some lovely confetti shots. Alternatively, for the most epic confetti photos your guests will have ever seen, get yourselves some confetti cannons. They’re not expensive and they’re very effective! Try Your Confetti for some of the best confetti cannons out there.

4. Allow time to arrange your confetti line

If you’re having your ceremony at a separate location to your reception, make sure to leave enough time between so that we aren’t having to rush off to your venue. It can take time to arrange everyone in the right place and hand out the confetti, but your bridal party should be able to help with this. 

5. Consider your colour

Whilst the brightest rainbow coloured confetti can look great, you might want to consider matching your confetti to your wedding colours. Or you could go for all-white confetti for a really modern and clean look! 

6. Check the venue rules

Before you go buying mountains of confetti or spend hours hand drying real flower petals, make sure to check the venue rules. Most venues these days will only allow biodegradable confetti or dried flower petals to be thrown, in order to protect the environment. However some venues may not allow confetti at all – in which case see tip number 7!

7. Mix it up

If your venue doesn’t allow confetti to be thrown, or perhaps you just want something a bit different, you could have your guests blow bubbles for a really unique look. You won’t need to spend ages having dried flowers picked out of your hair afterwards either! 

I hope you enjoyed these confetti tips.  If you’re looking for more wedding inspiration, why not check out my blog? I’m a UK based wedding photographer and I love sharing my tips and advice for all things wedding!